Internal Auditing

We at Management Solutions Group understand the challenges of managing the tasks of a management system and working to ensure that these systems:

  • Meet the requirements for certification
  • Are prepared for registrar and accreditation body audits (Certification, surveillance, and re-certification)
  • Are effective for the organization
  • Use resources of the organization efficiently
  • Are used to implement valuable processes that can be measured, analyzed and evaluated to drive improvements for the organization where applicable
Our team (See our Team members) has extensive experience in the areas and standards they audit. This includes implementation consulting, auditing, and training. We bring this experience and apply it in our internal audits with the goal of providing valuable input for consideration by your organization’s team.

An internal audit is different from a Registrar or Accreditation Body audit in that we really work with you and for you to evaluate your system with you owning the audit report and determining the final report contents. We can also provide more suggestions and input along with consulting where appropriate. We also commonly assist to coach new staff members on being audited so they are prepared for customer and other external audits as well.

We start with 2 main goals for our internal audits and adjust based on our clients needs. These are:

1. To ensure that the external audit goes smoothly
2. To add value to the system and the organization wherever possible


We offer a free, no obligation initial analysis as well as accomplishment Guarantees.

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