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MSG's Approach to Internal Auditing

With the current economic challenges facing most companies, Internal audit staff and their training and qualifications are, in many cases below expectations.

A good analogy to a typical internal audit program is playing the piano. If you take a 2-3 day lesson and are then required to give a recital once or twice a year with no practice, how will you perform? You would most naturally select a very simple song, play it very slowly, and perform mediocre at best.

Internal audits are very similar. With inexperienced auditors, the small nonconformances are found while overlooking the larger or more complex issues that have the real potential to improve quality and the management system. They also tend to overlook the many opportunities for improvement or make solid recommendations.

As a general rule of thumb, a full internal audit conducted by internal staff without extensive auditing experience should be about twice the mandates as a recertification audit by a registrar. This can vary greatly based on experience and audit tools, but it does give an indication of the internal resources required.

Management Solutions Group offers public internal auditor training courses along with cost effective onsite training that includes completing part or all of an internal audit at the same time as the training, improving the cost effectiveness.

Another answer is to outsource part or all of the internal audits. There are several advantages of outsourcing internal audits. Here is a partial list:

  • More experienced auditors
  • Input for continual improvement of management systems
  • Documentation
  • Implementation
  • No internal auditor training / re-training costs
  • Allows internal staff to focus on normal responsibilities and fixing issues
  • Contracted auditors work for you and can give advice on potential fixes (Be careful, as it is still your system)
  • Audits completed on time
  • More professional audits
  • With good internal cooperation, the audit can be accomplished more quickly.
Many of our clients have decided on this internal audit service in the past 10 years. Each client had specific reasons, of which almost all of them were based on a combination of the above bullet points. We have a long list of references if you would like to discuss this option with other companies in your area.

Please call any one of the Management Solutions Group staff if you would like to discuss your particular situation or needs.

Internal Auditing

We at Management Solutions Group understand the challenges of managing the tasks of a management system and working to ensure that these systems:

  • Meet the requirements for certification
  • Are prepared for registrar and accreditation body audits (Certification, surveillance, and re-certification)
  • Are effective for the organization
  • Use resources of the organization efficiently
  • Are used to implement valuable processes that can be measured, analyzed and evaluated to drive improvements for the organization where applicable
Our team (See our Team members) has extensive experience in the areas and standards they audit. This includes implementation consulting, auditing, and training. We bring this experience and apply it in our internal audits with the goal of providing valuable input for consideration by your organization’s team.

An internal audit is different from a Registrar or Accreditation Body audit in that we really work with you and for you to evaluate your system with you owning the audit report and determining the final report contents. We can also provide more suggestions and input along with consulting where appropriate. We also commonly assist to coach new staff members on being audited so they are prepared for customer and other external audits as well.

We start with 2 main goals for our internal audits and adjust based on our clients needs. These are:

1. To ensure that the external audit goes smoothly
2. To add value to the system and the organization wherever possible

ISO 9001 GAP Assessment

Is a gap analysis important for your ISO 9001 implementation?


Beginning your journey toward a functioning Quality Management System (QMS) starts with the questions 1) Where are we now?  2) What do we have to do to reach our goal?  A GAP analysis answers these questions.

What is a gap analysis for ISO 9001:2015?

A gap analysis is the activity / analysis to compare what your company currently does with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.  It does not require an audit, but it is an exercise where someone knowledgeable in the management of your company compares what is and what is needed.

FREE GAP Assessment

Click here and take our free GAP Analysis.

Management Representative & Management System Improvement

management representative and system improvementMSG can serve as a Management Representative prior to a surveillance audit to implement your internal audit requirements, complete internal audits, and review procedures and customer requirements.

Depending on the needs of the client, an MSG staff member can act as Management Representative from one day per week to one day per month. Companies often will engage MSG as the Management Representative when they discover their internal Management Representatives are overloaded with work that is considered more critical than the surveillance audit or when internal staff are not yet experienced enough to fulfill the role. We use the Management Representative function as an opportunity to train internal personnel to take over these responsibilities.

Quality Manager for Hire

quality manager for hireMSG can serve as Quality Manager for a company that does not have a person currently serving that function or when the company isn’t large enough to justify a full-time Quality Manager.

MSG can fill the gap by providing an experienced staff member to assist with:
  • Interpreting Customer Specification and relating them to Job Instructions
  • Assisting with the APQP/PPAP process
  • Setting up manufacturing processes, error proofing, and inspection gauges
  • Handling Corrective Actions and 8Ds
  • Maintaining calibration programs
  • Creating inspection programs, instructions and fixtures
  • Developing robust procedures for supplier and receiving functions

Leadership Development & Coaching

leadership coaching publictrainingimgMSG provides on-site training and coaching to develop management and leadership skills by using some of the most effective tools in industry, including:
  • DiSC® Behavior Profiles
  • Customer Coaching sessions
  • Team Building Workshops
  • DiSC® Time Mastery Profile Workshops
In the course of its experience with dozens of small companies, MSG has developed a body of solid, practical advice that top management can use to take their organizations to the next level. Depending on the needs of the client, MSG may emphasize the softer skills of running a business, such as team building, constructive criticism, effective communication techniques, and conflict management and resolution.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking about qualityBrandon Kerkstra and his seasoned staff have given keynote addresses and motivational speeches before trade organizations, conferences and industry groups on topics including:
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Excelling at manufacturing or service quality
  • Team building and communications for success
  • Capitalizing on diversity
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Using the quality tools of today to compete in the future
  • Capitalizing on continuous improvement
  • Launching programs and saving money

Any of these presentations can be modified to meet the needs of a particular organization.

Business Improvement, Coaching, and Strategic Planning

Stategic Planning Business manBusiness Profitability Improvement

Through a systemic and proven method of analysis and actions, Management Solutions Group helps companies Improve Operational Efficiencies. This includes:
  • Reducing Waste and Cost from your business operating system
  • Improving your Customer Performance & Satisfaction
  • Improving your Sales Revenue
  • Increasing your EBIT Improving Employee Satisfaction
We typically follow a 4 step process with project engagements:

ISO 27001 Gap Analysis

Building an ISMS (information security management system) that meets ISO 27001 requirements can be challenging. An ISMS can assist with compliance to laws and contractual requirements such as DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement), the NIST,  the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulations and the CSF (Cybersecurity Framework).

Conducting an ISO 27001 gap analysis is an important starting point when putting a prioritized plan in place.


We offer a free, no obligation initial analysis as well as accomplishment Guarantees.

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