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Internal Audit Support from Management

Audit Several possible outcomes ofMy management does not really seem to value our internal audits, so how do I get more buy in from management

First, ask yourself some tough questions

1) Are Internal Audits conducted to verify conformance or to improve performance? Conformance to a Procedure or Work Instruction is not the only focus of the Internal Audit Program. Conformance without performance is just not enough to excite Top Management.

2) What is the most "Value Added" issue that has been identified through Internal Audits? Does the Internal Audit Program use Company Measureables to focus the audit? Has the Internal Audit finding and the subsequent Corrective Action improved a Measurable? How much? Has it prevented a Customer Concern? What is the "Return on Investment" for Management's commitment to the Internal Audit Program?

Successful organizations are driven by Top Management that pays attention to facts and issues that drive improvements to the operation and the bottom line. Effective Internal Audits can provide the Management Representative with unbiased information, which is reported to Top Management; on how the well the system and its processes are performing. Internal Audits may identify inefficient processes, unnecessary scrap or rework, training needs, and other valuable information to improve the system.

The three biggest issues we see with Internal Audit Programs are:

1) The Internal Audits are not planned or directed to focus on process performance (status & importance).

2) Internal Auditors are not knowledgeable of the process that is being audited and the critical components that impact the performance of the process.

3) Internal Audit schedule does not allow the processes of the Company to be audited as a system. Too many brief individual audits that do not follow the inputs, outputs and interaction of the processes. Not enough time is allocated to construct good audit trails and to conduct an in-depth review of the object evidence

Next time an Internal Audit is conducted, try following the system and its processes from beginning to end and dig deep with a focus on finding issues that impact performance. The Internal Audit will not cover as much of the system in the allotted time, but might identify an opportunity that will make a difference to the organization and validate the importance of Internal Audits.

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