Trending IATF 16949 Nonconformances

complian non compliantThese are some of the more recent Nonconformances found in IATF 16949 Quality Management Systems including both internal and registrar audits:

  • Product and Layered Process Audits are not being performed to the documented schedule
  • Contingency Plans do not address all requirements (Including Sanctioned Interpretations) and / or are not tested / simulated
  • Key performance indicator metrics are not meeting goals, and have no documented countermeasures
  • Customer Specific requirements are not implemented (The specific requirements could be from revised customer specifics or implementation could have lapsed)
  • Off site warehousing has been added, but internal documentation has not been updated, material / part identification does not meet requirements (Including nonconforming product)
  • Changes to Outsourced Processes not included in the required quality management system documentation, Approved Supplier Lists, or records of required certifications and supplier development


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