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Sample ISO Training & Tips from Brandon Kerkstra

Common Audit Non-Conformances

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  • Special characteristics called out on the print are not called out in the FMEA

  • Recalculated AP based on an increased inspection frequency

  • Severity reduced on DFMEA or PFMEA without a corresponding design change

  • PFMEA recommended action with a target date of 12/01/2019 has not been implemented

  • No actions established to reduce failure modes with high APs

  • Corrective actions to customer complaints and internal audits not incorporated into the FMEAs

  • Recalculated AP is not lower than original AP

  • Permanent Corrective Action is not recorded for a reduction of the AP

  • Design and Process FMEAs not being developed per Launch process requirements

  • FMEA development has no evidence of cross functional participation (Exclusively engineering staff is not cross functional)

  • Foundation (aka Baseline) FMEAs are not updated with project specific items

  • FMEA’s and Control plans are not consistent

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