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Sample ISO Training & Tips from Brandon Kerkstra

Interviewing Techniques - 2 Minute Lesson

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Some Common Tips

1. Break the ice. Don't begin hammering the interviewee with questions. Everyone needs time to becom familiar with each other.  Start with something generic to build common ground with the interviewee.

2. Communicate the Objectgive. Tell the employee the objective of the audit and the purpose of the interview.  Let them know what the expectations are and ask him if he has any questions.

3. Get any background information. Letting the interviewee a chance to tell you about himself goes a long way to reducing concerns. Ask:
  • Job title
  • Scope of responsibility
  • Tenure
4. Questioning.  Start to get answers to your your questions. Try using some open ended ones. It makes the interview more conversational and less like an interrogation.

5. Summarize and paraphrase what you hear. This will:
  • let the interviewee know that you have respect
  • confirms you have "gotten it”
  • provides a chance to change the story
6. Close. After completing the interrogation and summary, you are ready to leave. But don’t just stand up and walk out the door. A little ritual is necessary here to maintain happy client relations. Before you leave, you need to:
  • Explain what happens next
  • Leave the door open for follow-up
  • Ask if the interviewee has any questions
  • Leave your business card
  • Say “Thank you”
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We review your requirements, then give you a menu of options to meet your budget and schedule.  MSG helps you determine:
  • Goals and objectives
  • Which certifications or standards are applicable
  • What individuals should be involved to tailor your training
  • A time schedule
  • Resources necessary to ensure a successful program launch

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