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Internal Audit Services

quality auditorMSG conducts ongoing internal audits for companies nationwide that want to supplement the work of their regular staffs and raise the bar on their auditing procedures.

Many of these companies have noted dramatic improvement in the value of their internal audits, reduction of internal costs due to interruptions, and improvement in the results of registrar surveillance audits.

Because it serves as an impartial auditor, MSG often sidesteps the initial problems that occur when an employee of one department bristles at the criticism leveled by the employee of another department who has been designated as an internal auditor. While companies must develop a sustainable system of internal audits by employees, MSG can lead the way in facilitating the fine art of constructive criticism.

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We review your requirements, then give you a menu of options to meet your budget and schedule.  MSG helps you determine:
  • Goals and objectives
  • Which certifications or standards are applicable
  • What individuals should be involved to tailor your training
  • A time schedule
  • Resources necessary to ensure a successful program launch

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