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William (Bill) Vosburg

Bill VosburgBill Vosburg has over 30 years experience in various aspects of manufacturing, systems registration and business management. Originally employed in the areas of Supplier Management and Purchasing for the General Motors Truck Group, Bill developed an extensive knowledge of quality systems and project management, supplier management & financials.

He also established a reputation as an expert witness in safety equipment and as a certified risk management auditor.

In 1992, Bill joined Entela, Inc., a Grand Rapids testing and engineering laboratory. During his tenure as Vice President of Operations, Bill spearheaded Entela’s entry into the world of third party registration. Under Bill’s direction, the Quality Systems Registration Division (QSRD) attained recognition as the leading registrar in the QS-9000 global market for five consecutive years with EBIT levels of 28% to 36%. This level of sustained profit is rare within the industry.

Bill did an outstanding job of structuring the organization to serve of the largest automotive suppliers, without neglecting the many smaller companies that were also clients. This was essential in maintaining Entela's number one status in the automotive sector even though it was one of the smaller registrars worldwide.

With the introduction of IATF 16949, Bill worked closely with the IAOB/IATF and was a founding member and chair of the International Automotive Certified Bodies Association (IACBA). He has also served on the boards of IAAR and IASG and has been published in both Action Line and QSU magazines.

Bill was instrumental in the negotiations and ultimate sale of Entela. When Intertek acquired Entela in 2004, Bill continued to direct operations in North America for both the quality and environmental systems registration business for the next five years.

During Bill's tenure in leadership at Entela and Intertek, he led the expansion into other markets including Medical Device Suppliers, Aerospace Suppliers, and Environmental Certification programs such as ISO 14001 and LEED Certification. With his extensive, successful experience, he knows how to manage major customers, meet the needs of a large customer base, build customer loyalty, manage day to day operations, and create solid financials.

Due to his length of service and wide scope of experience, Bill is well known in both the automotive and registration industry. All of the MSG team has had the opportunity to work with Bill at some point in their careers.

Bill’s practical and common sense approach to business management is a great addition to the MSG arsenal of resources designed to take their clients to the next level.

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