About MSG

“The number-one mistake that companies make as they ready themselves for registration is that they over document their processes. When you write more procedures than you need, you can be stuck with a burdensome system forever.”

With a combined 100 years of experience in quality and process management systems, MSG presents practical solutions to companies that want help or are struggling to obtain their first certification or working to be certified or improve in new areas of business.

Clients rely on MSG to help with international standards that are a prerequisite to selling products and services to large multinational companies or entering foreign markets directly. MSG clients value the firm’s simple yet thorough approaches to building management system processes that do more than satisfy auditors; MSG programs can help companies achieve first-time quality, reduce waste, increase safety and security along with efficiency improvements.

Who we are

  • A team of highly experienced members that have a passion for helping our clients meet their requirements, develop, implement, analyze, and improve their processes

What we do

  • Help our clients meet requirements and improve processes
  • Help our clients meet international, customer, regulatory and other requirements (e.g. ISO 9001, IATF 16949, AS9100, ISO 13485, ISO 17025, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 17020, ISO 27001…)
  • Help our clients ensure their processes are not overly bureaucratic and cumbersome – Keep things as simple as possible
  • Ensure our clients understand the minimum requirements of the standards
  • Coach our clients to help them develop their knowledge

Who we do it for

  • Our clients and their organizations
  • Manufacturing and Service organizations in all areas of the industries where the standards are necessary and useful (Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Device, Service Industries, Tool and Die, Machine Manufacturers, General Manufacturing…)
  • We are passionate about our clients (The people we work with)!!!

What they (Our Clients) need

  • Expertise, Resources, Support, and Honest Input at a reasonable cost
  • Expertise in developing, Implementing, training, auditing, coaching and improving their management systems and processes to achieve and maintain certification, and to improve where possible
  • Our willingness to provide input and follow through with our hands-on support – we will roll up our sleeves and work with the team

How they change as a result

  • They achieve certification and continually improve
  • They develop more knowledge of the requirements and processes required to meet the requirements
  • They develop processes they can support, analyze and improve
  • They achieve more effectiveness and efficiency as an organization